We always say we can import everything but we do not want to do this.  We cannot control everything ourselves.  Nevertheless our range became wider and enlarges every year.  Have a look yourselves : cuddly toys, key rings, lanyards, pins, USB keys, textile, caps, bath towels etc...  Whatever is your project, please speak us about it and we will find a solution.

A real experience

Judge yourselves about our import experience.  Both founders and principal shareholders have been studying in China and South Korea.  They both visited the Asiatic continent during their several travels (China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos ...).  They both worked in an import-export company and travelled a lot in China and the Middle East.  Their relationship with Asia is not only economical but friendships were tied.  5 Full time partners work in China for our customers : 3 are based in the North of China and 2 in the South.

Everyone can import but not everyone will be successful!